Hey Brother

Looking through pictures of my kids is something I do frequently. They are all three so different and wonderful.

Though Nick isn’t mine by birth I love him so much. He’s generous and smart and mature beyond his ten years. I am so lucky to consider myself a parent to him, even if not by birth and even if I only see him every other weekend. Nate and I have a fantastic relationship with Nick’s mom which totally helps keep things sane. He is a sports-lover like his mom, and an avid reader and video gamer. I love discussing books with him… If only I understood sports enough to hold a conversation about that with him.


Trent is my crazy and passionate 4 year old. My labor and delivery with him were totally a sign of things to come. He was an awful sleeper and a needy baby, but he has taught me more about patience and love than I ever hoped to know. That boy puts his heart and soul into everything he does. If he sings he does it loud and proud with hearty vibrato! If he gets upset the whole world might as well know it. If he hugs and kisses you can expect the best hugs and kisses you’ve ever known.


Atticus is still so young and little, but I can tell he is going to be a charismatic wallflower, like Charlie from Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He’s such a quiet observer you’d think he isn’t even paying attention but he always is. He’s a little guy who loves to socialize quietly and sweetly and on his terms. But he’s so sweet you’d never know -or care- that they’re indeed his terms.

I am so proud of these boys. Every day they teach me something new and make me laugh. As soon as I begin to think my day/week/life can’t get any worse they make me realize that I am the luckiest. I am so happy to be able to influence and be influenced by them.


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