Chilling With My Good Friend Sara

My good friend Sara came over today. I had the day off work, partly because I worked this past weekend, partly because PLA starts Thursday, and partly because of Arts Gala insanity next week. This pay period my schedule is all kinda of crazy. Anyway, I posted on Facebook about having a day off today, and Sara texted to see if we could chill.

I met Sara around 10 years ago, when we both worked at Buffalo Wild Wings. We both worked in the bar and we both likes to drink. It wasn’t long after meeting that we became friends and started a once-a-week (or more… usually more…) drinking outing. We would drink and play music on the jukebox and play megatouch or other bar games. Fun times were probably had by all, and they were definitely had by us. Add Lindsay into the mix and were a troublemaking trio. We were party girls, we were drinking buddies, we were bar hoppers. We made sure neither of us got stupid and that we both had fun and we cared for each other.


Then I met Nate and we got married. Sara and Lindsay and my sister Rebecca (who deserve and will totally get their own posts) were my lovely bridesmaids.


Then Sara quit working at the bar and so did I and we drifted a little. Then I got pregnant with Trent and we drifted more. Having kids throws a wrench in most friendships, whether you want it to or not. Anyway, Sara had her own baby two years later, and we reconnected. We laughed and joked about what it would be like to be pregnant at the same time… And then it unexpectedly happened. We both just celebrated our second sons’ birthdays, 10 days a part from each other.

Chilling with Sara used to mean meeting up at the bar for some drinks with some cash for the jukebox and megatouch and the unspoken understanding that I may end up crashing at her apartment.

Chilling with Sara means something totally different now.

Dexter, Sara’s oldest son and my godson, and Trent played trains and rode on the dinosaur car together, while Oliver and Atticus toddled around getting into everything in the house. It wasn’t us toddling around anymore. Sara and I talked about parenting and how different our routines are and how similar our expectations are. We talked about our significant others and Red Lion Grog House over a cup of tea, instead of over glasses of beer. We talked about Sara’s and Wally’s upcoming wedding. We held our noses while we changed diapers instead of holding our noses while we threw back shots.




My, how things have changed. But I still say… chilling with Sara is one of my favorite things to do.


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