Sweet Potato Chips

I’m so exhausted from the PLA Conference this week that I didn’t have much on the docket for today, other than cuddling with my boys and making sweet potato chips.

I don’t buy sweet potatoes often, but I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier lately so I bought two not long ago. I keep forgetting I have them and decided to make both into chips so I can eat them whenever I want, instead of having to bake or mash them. I’ve made regular potato chips but not sweet potato chips so I’ve been eager to see how these taste. Turns out: They. Are. Amazing.


To make these sweet potato chips I used a Simple Slicer and Microwave Potato Chip Maker, both from Pampered a Chef.

First I washed and peeled the sweet potatoes. You don’t have to peel them, but I like them that way.


Next, I used the Simple Slicer to slice the sweet potatoes. The top piece has spokes to hold the produce on for easier and safer slicing, but I have to admit I just hold the potato with my hands. Keep in mind that doing it that way is not suggested.


Ideally you should use the sliding mechanism and the produce holder to slide the potato safely across the blade, set at thickness setting 1. Again, I do things in a way that will likely make me lose a finger one day. Anyway, next I slid the potato up and down to make thin slices.


Once I have several slices I lay them flat and without touching other pieces on the Microwave Chip trays, then stack the two trays on top of a each other.


Put the two stacked trays in the microwave, then heat for about 3 minutes. I do between 3-5 minutes, depending on how even my slices are. I check after 3 minutes and heat at 30 second increments after. Please note, my microwave is filthy. Don’t judge.


You want to make sure hung chips are crispy, not raw, but not burned. See the three differences below:


Sometimes I let the chips sit on the tray for about a minute after cooking to let them harden a little more. Luckily I have two sets of trays so while one set of chips on the trays is heating I can slice and prepare a second set, and let the set cool at the same time. It’s all about rhythm, baby.

When they’re finished, try not to eat them all at once. It won’t hurt you, in fact they’re quite healthy. But you’ll be sorry later when you don’t have them to snack on.



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