Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

I learned via Facebook that today, apparently, is National Siblings Day. Who knew? Everyone is gleefully posting pictures about their awesome siblings. They only wish they were as lucky as I am, though, because my sister truly is the best. She’s perfect! Perfect to me.


Surprising no one, I’ve known Rebecca all of her life. The first memory I have of her is of me looking over my left shoulder in horror as she bit what seemed like the largest possible chunk of skin off of said shoulder. In reality I’m sure she didn’t even break the skin. But only because at the time she was surely not even a 2 year old and simply wasn’t yet capable of such a thing. Oh, but she would become capable. I can clearly remember being about 14 years old and having her curl or straighten my hair. I wouldn’t hold still enough to suit her so she tapped me with it. No, it didn’t hurt, but yes, I probably peed my pants in fear. When we travelled to Germany a few years later we got into some stupid sibling argument that lasted about a day. I asked her to French braid my hair once we got over it and of course she did so without hesitation. Those braids never stood a chance of falling out… and my scalp was sore for days afterward.


Rebecca is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever known. Need a hand with something? She is the first to offer help, even when it means making adjustments to her own life, and she has usually already helped you before you even realize you needed her. When I was in the hospital after having Trent she raced over as soon as she could get away from work. She brought a care package with comfy socks, lotion, and other goodies. She massaged (she’s a professional!) my feet, then lotioned and socked them. She talked to the nurses about my care and made sure I had everything I needed. Between my mother and her I was set! Upon bringing home baby she came over breathing more gifts, including nursing mothers’ loose leaf tea, a steeper, and an awesome mug that I still use daily. With Atticus it was more of the same. She was there when I had a postpartum breakdown, helping me with meals and reminding me that life wasn’t over and that there wasn’t any reason it should be. She kept Trent several times when Atticus was a newborn to give me space and time to relax. When I returned to work a peace lily was delivered with a card from her wishing me luck on my first day back How would I have made it through that time without her?


How would I have made it through anything without my sister? I wouldn’t have.


Rebecca and I used to bicker a lot when we were younger. I can remember my mom getting so annoyed at us and I just didn’t understand why she couldn’t see how annoying it was to have a younger sister. When Rebecca and I would fight and my mom had had it with our arguing she’s often say “One day you’ll need each other and you’ll look back on this time and wish you hadn’t treated each other like this.” Oh, how right she was. I would do many things to take back some of the arguments we have had. I think frequently about how my mother lost her older sister early and I hope and pray that Rebecca and I don’t lose each other any time soon. She’s my cheerleader and my best friend and I love her.

It’s awesome to know that someone can be so thoughtful toward others when they have been through difficulties themselves. Everyone has rough times and everyone has bad luck, but my sister never fails to draw the short straw. Amazingly, she always perseveres and stays positive and comes out on top. She never stops working hard and puts everyone before herself– everyone. She’s my hero.


She’s one of the best parents I know. She loves her boys so, so much. She is successfully raising two of the coolest boys. Watching her be a mother is so awesome; she’s a natural and always has been. Her boys are well-behaved and polite, but hilarious, active and creative as well. And like their mother, they are lovers. While I ask my own mother for advice on parenting, I watch my sister parent. She’s perfect. Have I said that already?

If you haven’t taken the time today to tell your brother or sister you love them, please do. I’m about to.



2 thoughts on “Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?”

  1. Congratulations on having the best sister! I envy you that you two are so close locality wise as well! I have two best sisters but location henders the amount of time together. And, well what can I say about your mom but that she is the best & I am so glad that my daughter has had her not only as a teacher and mentor but as a friend!
    P.S. And, oh yes I took the time to tell my sisters I Love them but also to rub it in to remember they are my older sisters & I’m still the baby! 😉

    1. Best sisters are the best! I don’t know what it like to be the baby, but I hear it’s awesome! I’m glad you read this and took the time to comment, thank you.

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