Starting our spring garden

So much going on right now. I have had no energy to write.

Gardening season is upon us! Nate and I took all three boys to Cox’s Plant Farm last Saturday. I wore Atticus on my back in the ergo and he just loved walking around and looking at all the flowers and plants and watching his brothers run around the greenhouse. I love being able to wear him.


We picked out our spring plants and got some soil to add to our raised bed. Nick and Trent (and Nate and I, if I’m being honest) love playing Plants vs Zombies, and Trent wanted to buy sunflowers and peas. He looked for some of the other plants from the game, but got distracted easily. The boys had a great time.


One half of our fenced backyard has planting space around the inside perimeter, but the other half doesn’t… yet. Nate got lots of wood on sale for a really good price and build up another layer on the existing perimeter bed, and plans to do the other perimeter bed hopefully this weekend. This will almost double our planting space!


After our Easter family dinner we took Nick back to his mom’s house and the younger two boys fell asleep. It gave Nate and I time to plant our carrots, radishes, onions, and lettuce in the raised bed. I potted the lemon balm, spearmint, and lavender we bought to keep around the pergola. They all smell wonderful! I also repotted what was once a tiny aloe baby but is now 4 larger aloe plants. The roots were all balled up tightly together, but I’d let the dirt dry up enough that they were easy to separate without damaging. I plan to give one to my friend Courtney and possibly one to my other pal Sara. I’ll keep the other two. I’m actually glad I finally repotted the aloe, because I burned my arm cooking Sunday afternoon and was able to use one renegade piece of aloe that did come off to help treat the burn that still hurt 5 hours later. It helped a ton.


Hopefully Nate is able to finish the rest of the perimeter bed this weekend, so I can plant a row of peas. Then, in the next month we can list and plan our other plants. I know we will do pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, green and hot peppers, and a variety of herbs. Not sure what else. So glad the season is finally here!


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