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Man’s Best Friend

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

― Groucho Marx



Dogs & Boys & Dr. Seuss

I’m so spoiled. I took my car in for an oil change today and when I was finished the service people told me my parents had added it to their tab. My dad called later to tell me the owner talked to him and said I needed a few other things fixed. They’re making arrangements for me to drop my car off next week. I’m so glad my parents still help me with things. Tony Duh at Mooresville Auto and Tire Service/Goodyear is awesome. He remembers every car and he and his crew go to great lengths to satisfy their customers. Having both boys there was fun but exhausting, so we took it easy the rest of the day. While Atticus napped Trent and I wallowed around on the floor with Lucy and Fiesta. Those dogs are awesome with the boys.

Fiesta is totally a party-animal. She’s always smiling (seriously) and bouncing around. She loves food and fun and is totally a kid-lover. If you play tug-of-war with her she will always play at your level of enthusiasm. With Atticus she tugs gently every few seconds and drops it so he can have it. With Trent she tugs harder. With Nate she tugs and growls ferociously and jumps. She’s so perfect.

Lucy is calm and timid. She mostly just wants to cuddle and lay around. When she plays she acts like a cat or a fawn, prancing around lightly. She doesn’t care for toys but loves to run. She’s part beagle and part greyhound. She is a trickster though; leave something out and she will find it, though it may be a few days before you realize what’s happened. I know she enjoyed those croutons…

These girls love all three boys, but they are crazy about Trent. He’s so passionate and I think they feel that. When he’s upset they cheer him up and when he’s happy and playful they’re ready to take him on. He says they’re his best friend dogs. He’s right.

This is our weekend to have Nick, yay! It’s also my weekend to work, boo. But it’s all good. Nick told me all about the books he’s about to read and showed me what he’s currently reading: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Just before Atticus’s bedtime Nick ran upstairs and grabbed a few Dr. Seuss books and proclaimed, “I’m going to read you some Dr. Seuss, guys, because it was just his birthday.”

Atticus and Trent gathered around for a rousing edition of Green Eggs and Ham. It’s so interesting to hear how well he reads aloud compared to how he did when he first started reading. It’s hard to believe he’s a fourth grader. I asked him 2 weeks ago if they’d had them watch the puberty/sex ed videos yet. He said no, but he sucked his cheeks in. We’ve asked if he knows what sex is and he blushes, so yeah, he does. Awkward. But I just need to know so I know when to refrain from inappropriate jokes. I’m a horrible parent.