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Over The Hump

Well, I finally made it over the hump! Or at least a hump.

Let me backtrack a little. When I first decided to lose weight and get in shape it was the result of a doctor appointment in September, and my goal was to lose 14 pounds by my next appointment 3 months later, in December. I didn’t make it, and while I had been feeling really good about the changes I’d been making (eating better, tracking calories, working out 3 or more days a week), I started feeling bummed that I hadn’t done better. I didn’t make my diet bet, and I didn’t make my December goal. I slowed down my progress after that… got busy and didn’t make it to the gym, stopped paying attention to what I ate.

Today I renewed my membership to the gym for another 3 months. Today I weighed myself and found I’d made it over (or would that be under??) the hump.

I’ve been a little depressed the past week because I’ve been sick, my kids have been sick, and I have missed a lot of work. I made some goals for myself to start the year with a fresh beginning. Many of the goals were work-related, and not being able to do much this week on top of being off the last 10 days before have me really stressed. I feel a little like I’ve blown my chance for a good start.

But seeing the scale this morning made me think. I didn’t make my goal in December, but almost a month later I did. I was so disappointed, but now… I’ve met the goal, so what’s to be upset about? A win is still a win, so I’ll call this one. I’ll start work off with a bang when I return this weekend, and who knows? Maybe I’ll meet some of those goals on time!

Now, onto my next health-related goal… Let’s go for another 10 lbs!