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Zucchini overload = awesome easy lunch

We need to grocery shop, bad… I’m running out of easy stuff to bring for lunch. But while looking over the garden last night I noticed a lone zucchini. Lunch for today was easy peasy… Zucchini pizza!

I brought my small stoneware bar pan from pampered chef, which I use all the time for everything… In fact I may as well buy another. I also brought a snack sized Baggie of shredded cheese, a small cup of spaghetti sauce, and of course a small-medium sized zuke.


First I preheated the oven at work to 400 degrees. While it heated up I sliced the zucchini in half long-ways. Then, I spread the pizza sauce on and sprinkled on the cheese. Sometimes I add oregano, garlic, sliced tomato, basil, mushrooms, or pepperoni, but I was in a hurry and feeling kinda plain when I got my lunch ready last night.


I let the zucchini pizzas bake for 20 minutes, until the cheese was bubbly and somewhat burnt on the pan.


Then my website went down, I received a text from my husband that my child is puking, and our credit card machine stopped working. This is my job and my life. Technology hates me.

Luckily I have awesome coworkers and while I was tethered to my computer my pal Kate brought me my half on a plate, complete with plastic ware and a napkin. So nice. While I would have loved taking an actual lunch break, at least I got to enjoy the deliciousness.



A day in my garden with my boys

I almost didn’t take Friday off work as I had planned, but I did… And I’m so glad! It was a great day.

I got to sleep in a decent amount, until 9:30ish, then Atticus and I went downstairs and I did some (very little, to be honest) cleaning, which included finding a 4 oz. jar in the kitchen sink drain that I could not remove on my own…

Atticus and I went out to water the garden while Trent was still asleep. I’m so happy with how it’s growing! It seems like each summer in this house I’ve had some issue that makes the garden just fail. Pregnancy slowed me down two years, drought another, using the wrong weed killer before planting another… But this is our year so far!

I was pretty ambitious this year, but it’s because I’m determined to get some harvest! I planted about 16 heirloom tomato plants, 16 varying pepper plants (sweet, green, hot), corn, celery, cabbage, zucchini, cucumber, and several herbs. I also have potatoes, onions, rhubarb (brand new, so no harvest this year), and a few other things.

I noticed one of the mystery heirloom tomato plants (my dad often has volunteers that are strayed between several different plants, so we just wait and see what they end up being… I love it!) has some baby tomatoes on it! I’m crossing my fingers that this is either rowdy red or the grape-sized orange variety.


I also noticed the two heirloom paste tomato plants (the only tomatoes I didn’t get from my dad) have something happening!


I like to go around every few days and pinch the tomato crotches. Well, that’s what I call it. My mom says my granddad called it suckering the tomatoes. I’ve just always done it because my family has always done it, not sure why. If I had to guess I think it probably helps focus the nutrition in the growing plant on the blossoms instead of in worthless extra growth.


Atticus likes to watch, mostly, but sometimes help.


As I was looking things over Friday I noticed a giant hiding under some leaves…


I took it to the hose to rinse off but Atticus didn’t want to wait…


I’m hoping to have a bunch more by this next weekend for a possible pickle party. But I had to try out this guy both fresh and with some yummy vinegar.

I chopped the cucumber up as well as a small onion from the garden and threw both into a Tupperware container.


I splashed in 2 parts red wine vinegar (I was out of apple cider vinegar) and 3 parts water, then added a small palm-full (maybe a tablespoon?) of kosher salt, and a few pinches (maybe 1/2-1 teaspoon?) of sugar, plus a shake of garlic powder. I ate some of them later that night and they are amazing!! Tried more today, two days later, and they’re so tart and a little sweet. Delish!


Late afternoon/early evening both boys had some splash-time. They love hanging in the yard!




A lot of nothing

I feel bad that I’m not writing as much lately. When I started this blog I feared it would be yet another thing that I get all gung-ho about and then abandon after awhile. I really don’t want that to happen.

Work has been kicking my butt lately. There are technology issues that even our IT support company are having problems solving. It feels like I’m failing in this position. When I don’t know how to fix something and the help can’t help… it comes back to me and my inability to get it done. It’s a real downer.

My house is pretty much a mess lately as well. Actually, it just is a mess. I don’t care to work on cleaning it. We did get lots of yard work done this weekend and that felt really good. We finally got the rest of our garden planted, and boy is it a doozy! I have 13 heirloom tomato plants, 16 pepper plants, a few varying cucumber plants, zucchini, cabbage, celery, dill, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, Greek oregano, 7 basil plants, corn, and I think a few other things. It was satisfying getting everything in the ground, finally. Hopefully things produce before the frost starts killing it all off.

The boys and I hit my parents strawberry patch last week for some of the first crop. I’ve offered Atticus strawberries before and he hadn’t cared to eat them, but he loved eating he ones he picked himself! Yesterday when I went to my parents’ to pick up some tomato starts my mom gave me some strawberries and both boys have been all over them.

Trent was sick last week, feverish, sore throat and and upset stomach and headache. Also a rash. He says he’s been feeling better but he is just being whiny and kind of a jerk. He’s currently in his room because he can’t stand to be around Atticus. It breaks my heart to see him acting this way. He gets so upset but also so happy. He’s such a feeler. I am too… I’m crying right now as a matter of fact. I just want him to be a happy child. I don’t want him to deal with the difficulties of anxiety or depression.

Lately I’ve just been in a funk. I’ve talked about my anxiety and depression before here. I feel like I’m not succeeding in anything I’m doing, and I’m incredibly disappointed in myself. I can’t say why, other than how terrible I am at my job and how I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing as a parent. Oh, and I’m out of shape and I am an awful housekeeper. I just want to feel okay with things and not worry or be sad about it all. I promise I’ve been taking my prescription the right way lately but it just feels like it isn’t helping anymore. I don’t know. Maybe I just need to stop thinking about it. I just have so many feelings and I can’t sort them out. And I don’t want to. I’m too tired to deal with it lately; I just want to sleep all the time.

So, there’s my bloggity blog for today. Sorry it sucks, dear world. I promise I’ll find something positive and fun to read to blog about soon. Maybe I’ll sort out all the things I plan to do with my garden harvest.



Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Trent just amazes me every day. Actually all my kids do. I’ve mentioned before that Trent is very passionate; Nate and I talk about it all the time. When he’s mad everyone around knows about it, but when he’s happy it’s as if the sun will never stop shining again. When he gives he gives everything.

Like many kids do, Trent had a hard time when his brother Atticus was born. He always had a hard time sharing; Nick is older and isn’t around every day, so Trent never minds him, and in fact looks forward to giving Nick his everything. Atticus, however, was a different story. Sure he was cute when he was born, but for Trent having a baby around got old fast. Don’t get me wrong, Trent never seemed to strongly dislike his new brother, he just got frustrated by him easily. And often.

Trent nursed until he was just over 2 1/2, when I found out I was pregnant with Atticus. I was so worried about how Trent would react to someone else taking over that territory that had previously been only his and mine. Oddly enough Trent was totally done with it and in fact even thought it was cute. When Atticus cried it was the first thing Trent suggested. “Mommy, Atticus is crying. He needs boob.”

What Trent did have trouble with was Atticus taking all of the attention that had previously been focused on him, and once Atticus grew a few months older Trent no longer thought it was cute when we would hand Atticus a toy. “No, that’s my baby book.” Or “Hey, baby Atticus, give me back that ball!” While the items in question were often things Trent hadn’t cared about in months, he didn’t want his baby brother to have anything to do with things that were his. Old baby toys suddenly became valuable in a way they really hadn’t ever been to this boy.

When Trent got angry at Atticus it hurt me. I’d never felt that kind of hurt before, and I remembered something my mother would tell my sister Rebecca and I when she’d had it with our arguing. “One day you’ll need your sister.” I brushed her comment off until her own older sister passed early in their lives. I’ve since come to appreciate my own sister enough that, while we still don’t always get along, I always want, love, and need her.

In the past 4-6 months Trent has developed a lot of patience with Baby Atticus. One afternoon Nate heard Atticus crying from his crib, having woken from his nap. When he got to the doorway of the nursery he saw Trent, who was quietly calming Atticus, unaware that he had an audience. “Shh. It’s ok Baby Brother.” When Nate made his presence known, however, Trent ran away saying, “Be quiet, Baby!” When Trent realized he could pick Atticus up and carry him he became slightly more tolerant. He’d carry him over to the toy box so they could pick out a toy together. Slowly but surely he’s come around.

It isn’t unusual these days for Trent to suddenly ask, “Hey, where’s Baby Atticus?” I’ll tell him he’s taking a nap and Trent will request that I get him up so they can play together. When Atticus cries Trent no longer tells asks us to make the baby be quiet because he’s bothering him; now he wants us to fix the problem so his brother won’t be sad anymore. Atticus will do something silly and Trent says, “Look at Baby Atticus!” Or my favorite: when we pretend to nibble on Atty Trent exclaims “Don’t hurt my baby brother!”

Tonight at the dinner table all three boys sat with me and ate supper. Nick and Trent had personal pizzas, while Atticus had fruit and cereal. Atticus loves the pizza crusts. Nick eats his, but Trent doesn’t. Atticus pointed to Trent’s crust and politely requested the leftovers with his Neanderthal-like grunt. “No, they’re mine!” Trent said he wasn’t going to eat the crusts, but that he didn’t want Atticus to, either. Nick grinned at me and said, “Trent, can I have a crust?” Trent happily passed one over. A few minutes later Nick gave it to Atticus. While some things never change all my boys were happy. They love each other and take care of each other, and that’s all that matters to me.


Hey Brother

Looking through pictures of my kids is something I do frequently. They are all three so different and wonderful.

Though Nick isn’t mine by birth I love him so much. He’s generous and smart and mature beyond his ten years. I am so lucky to consider myself a parent to him, even if not by birth and even if I only see him every other weekend. Nate and I have a fantastic relationship with Nick’s mom which totally helps keep things sane. He is a sports-lover like his mom, and an avid reader and video gamer. I love discussing books with him… If only I understood sports enough to hold a conversation about that with him.


Trent is my crazy and passionate 4 year old. My labor and delivery with him were totally a sign of things to come. He was an awful sleeper and a needy baby, but he has taught me more about patience and love than I ever hoped to know. That boy puts his heart and soul into everything he does. If he sings he does it loud and proud with hearty vibrato! If he gets upset the whole world might as well know it. If he hugs and kisses you can expect the best hugs and kisses you’ve ever known.


Atticus is still so young and little, but I can tell he is going to be a charismatic wallflower, like Charlie from Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower. He’s such a quiet observer you’d think he isn’t even paying attention but he always is. He’s a little guy who loves to socialize quietly and sweetly and on his terms. But he’s so sweet you’d never know -or care- that they’re indeed his terms.

I am so proud of these boys. Every day they teach me something new and make me laugh. As soon as I begin to think my day/week/life can’t get any worse they make me realize that I am the luckiest. I am so happy to be able to influence and be influenced by them.